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March 27 – April 4: Lima, Peru

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Lima is Peru’s capital and a modern sprawling city of 10 million inhabitants. MEDLIFE is headquartered in this diverse city, but for reasons beyond why a typical tourist might stop here. MEDLIFE’s work in Lima focuses on the human settlements or “pueblos jóvenes” in the outskirts of Lima, where almost 1 million people live in conditions of extreme poverty. These communities consist of small homes, often made of reed mats or plywood and built into the precarious rocky hillsides around Lima. Most of these communities lack access to basic services like running water and electricity. 

Register today for a Service Learning Trip in Lima to join the Movement for a world free from the constraints of poverty!

MEDLIFE Extensions Available

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Explore More

This package includes 5 activities for you to enjoy during your week of Service Learning, from important historical sites to unmissable food experiences. This package also includes the full day Ica excursion.

Ica Excursion

Today you will explore some of the highlights of southern Peru on an adventure that takes you from penguin dotted islands to rolling desert sand dunes.

Machu Picchu Extension

No trip to Peru is complete without a trip to Machu Picchu. Named as one of the seven new wonders of the world, and a UNESCO heritage site, it’s worthy of its place on traveler’s bucket list.

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Custom Experiences

Contact us if you would like a custom extension. Options include the spectacular Lake Titicaca, the lush Peruvian Amazon, or the beautiful city of Cusco.

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