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March 27 – 28: Express Virtual SLT


Welcome to MED Anywhere Express, MEDLIFE’s weekend Virtual Service Learning Trip! This is a 2 Day Immersive Program Exploring COVID-19 in Peru.

Join MEDLIFE on a condensed Virtual Service Learning Trip that offers an eye-opening remote experience, without interfering with your classes! In this two-day program, you will take an unfiltered look at how COVID-19 has impacted Peru by interacting with professionals and community members on the ground.

1pm – 5pm EST on Saturday & Sunday

Highlights of the Week: 

  • Participate in roundtables with local doctors working on the frontlines
  • Interact with community leaders, cooks, and staff leading Community Soup Kitchens to feed vulnerable families
  • Develop your understanding of public health and COVID-19 in Peru
  • Gain 10 service hours certified by MEDLIFE
  • Learn about leadership during a crisis and empower each other to facilitate change by working together

MEDLIFE Extensions

If there are no MEDLIFE extensions listed below or if you have already registered for this trip and would like to add MEDLIFE extensions to your campaign, email us at [email protected] with the extension you are interested in. All extensions can be found at Good Life Expeditions but please note they may not be available for this particular trip.