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Lima Mobile Clinic: August 6-14

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Lima is Peru’s capital and a modern, sprawling city of 10 million inhabitants. MEDLIFE is headquartered in this diverse city, but for reasons beyond why a typical tourist might stop here. MEDLIFE’s work in Lima focuses on the human settlements or “pueblos jovenes” in the outskirts of Lima, where almost 1 million people live in impoverished conditions. These communities consist of small shacks, often made of reed mats or plywood and built into the precarious rocky hillsides around Lima. Most of these communities lack access to basic services like running water and electricity. While the entire city was badly hit by COVID-19, these communities were affected severely. With the majority of the population living hand-to-mouth on wages from informal jobs, the pandemic brought months of financial hardship and food insecurity. Our COVID-19 relief effort helped make sure that families didn’t go hungry, but further support is needed to get communities back on their feet.

On a Service Learning Trip in Lima, you will volunteer at one of our Mobile Clinics to bring free, high-quality healthcare directly to these underserved communities. You will also work on a Development Project like a staircase or retention wall to help make the community a safer place to live. Register today for a Service Learning Trip in Lima to join the Movement for a world free from the constraints of poverty!

Highlights of the Trip

  • Learn about the challenges faced by low-income communities on a Reality Tour
  • Gain experience shadowing healthcare professionals at a Mobile Clinic 
  • Help bring safer homes to families with a Development Project 
  • Build bridges across cultures by connecting with community members

Key Pillars

Service: By volunteering on a Mobile Clinic and Development Project, you’ll directly help bring accessible medical care, health education, and a safer home to the marginalized communities you visit.

Environment: Service Learning Trips are created with sustainability in mind. In Lima, you may have the opportunity to volunteer on an environmentally friendly project such as a public park or eco-bathroom.

Education: Learn about the historical, political, and economic factors that have shaped the realities faced by families. Deepen your knowledge of global health by shadowing healthcare professionals.

Life-changing experiences: Through eye-opening experiences and building human connections, a Service Learning Trip will renew your passion for building a world free from the constraints of poverty.

Itinerary In Brief

Day 1

Arrival to Lima

Arrive at Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM) where you will be greeted by a MEDLIFE staff member who will transport all volunteers from the airport to the hostel in the Miraflores district.

Overnight in Lima MEDLIFE Hostel




Day 2

Introduction to Lima

Sunday is an introduction to Lima for all volunteers with a walking tour of Miraflores. The evening will be dedicated to an orientation meeting where we will cover the historical context of Peru, what to expect for the week, safety precautions, and a brief training course on our Mobile Clinics.

Overnight in Lima MEDLIFE Hostel



Day 3

Reality Tour

After breakfast in the hostel, volunteers and Trip Leaders will depart for the Reality Tour for your first immersive experience in the urban settlements where MEDLIFE works. Throughout the day, we will explore the harsh realities of living in these settlements and learn about how MEDLIFE works to bridge the gap between Peru’s public health system and low-income families.

We will also visit the Mini MED Center in the community of Union Santa Fe for a firsthand look into our COVID-19 relief projects, including the Community Soup Kitchen, bodega, bakery, and computer lab.

Overnight in Lima MEDLIFE Hostel



Day 4-7

Mobile Clinics & Development Project

Upon arrival at a Mobile Clinic, volunteers will set up each station. Volunteers will be divided into groups to support the locally licensed medical professionals at each clinic station. Due to the incredible need in these communities, there may be upwards of 30-40 patients waiting to be seen – even in the early morning! 

From Tuesday through Friday, small groups of volunteers will take turns working on a Development Project. Common projects in Lima include staircases, parks, and eco-bathrooms. On Friday afternoon, the entire group will join the community at the project site to celebrate the inauguration of the new infrastructure.

Overnight in Lima MEDLIFE Hostel



Day 8

Continue Exploring!

Explore more of Peru by adding an optional Epic Trip to your itinerary. This adventure will take you to the archaeological wonder of Machu Picchu before heading deep into the Amazon rainforest for a stay at an eco-friendly lodge. Alternatively, join a full-day tour to Ica that takes you from penguin dotted islands to rolling desert sand dunes.

MEDLIFE Extensions

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